TikTok users are sharing instances they were ‘too stunned to speak’

A new viral TikTok sound has left people “too stunned to speak.” 

A snippet from a ’90s television show in Singapore has prompted a meme where people share the times life left them speechless. Everything from embarrassing moments, shocking family discoveries and awkward confrontations have been covered in the trend. Here’s how it got started on TikTok

Origins of “the woman was too stunned to speak” TikTok 

The popular clip is from a 1998 episode of the Singapore series Crimewatch. The episode features a reenactment of a woman who has her necklace stolen while walking down the street. Melodramatic music and acting ensued after the robbery as a voice-over said, “The woman was too stunned to speak.” 

The unintentionally hilarious moment was uploaded on TikTok by @_dominikxcx on Oct. 31. It has since become a meme with over 114,000 videos associated with the sound. 

People have started to use the audio to illustrate the moments in life that left them completely speechless. 


so close to ending up on some white ladys podcast 😩

♬ The woman was too stunned to speak – dominik

“When I Googled my biological father’s name to see if he was alive and found his arrest record for the attempted murder of me,” @imcodyjacob wrote in a caption

“When a couple I have no connection to deletes all their Insta posts,” @tinkerbella728 said looking stunned

“When my acne went away and she cried that she wasn’t the pretty friend anymore,” @loserzzzzzz recounted in a video


I was suppose to stop making these ten videos ago i’m almost done for the day my bad

♬ The woman was too stunned to speak – dominik

“My first-grade teacher when my fake ponytail fell off and she sent it home in a bag,” @tiktoksbyalexa said holding a Ziplock bag

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