This social wellness club wants to make self-care a group project

Los Angeles’ Remedy Place, a social wellness club that is the brainchild of holistic medicine practitioner Dr. Jonathan Leary, combines self-care and socializing.

Remedy Place is where you go to meet your friends for a cold-pressed juice instead of happy hour drinks. Club members may opt for group cryotherapy or meditation rather than brunch. 

“Remedy Place is not a gym, it is not a spa, it is a social wellness club,” Dr. Leary told Haute Living. “Many wellness environments don’t encourage interaction with other people. We’re not saying that’s wrong, but it can be limiting which is why we wanted to give guests the option to have privacy or share the experience with friends and loved ones.” 

The social wellness club posts clips of its special services on its TikTok remedyplace.  

A group of members eggs each other on as two women challenge themselves to last 6 minutes in a 39-degree-Fahrenheit ice bath, in one video. In another clip, a man hangs out in a cryotherapy chamber

Remedy Place also showed off its cupping treatment. Cupping is a form of ancient medicine traced back to ancient Egypt, China and the Middle East. Just like in the video, special suction cups are placed on the skin to help reduce pain and inflammation and increase relaxation and well-being. 

Each of these services is one of Dr. Leary’s remedies to life’s daily stressors whether physical or emotional. 

“Remedy Place is built to address personal stressors. We want to know how you live, work and play,” Dr. Leary said. “From there, our trained experts will help you pinpoint the parts of your lifestyle that put stress on the body so you can make informed decisions about how you take care of yourself with a custom plan.”

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