These are the basic pieces you need to build a stylish capsule wardrobe

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If you want to look chic without breaking the bank, a capsule wardrobe is a great option! Capsule wardrobes consist of several core pieces of clothing, around which you can create numerous stylish looks! Whether you’re just finding out about capsule wardrobes now or have been considering creating your own for some time, you’re in the right place. Host Melanie Sutrathada (@melaniesutra) is sitting down with fashion blogger and podcaster, Vanessa Hong (@vanessahong), to talk about how to create a fashionable capsule wardrobe!

Not only is Vanessa a popular fashion blogger and the host of the podcast Vanessa Wants to Know, but she has also spent plenty of time curating her own capsule wardrobe! “A capsule wardrobe are your core pieces,” Vanessa tells Melanie. “I always say your capsule or your core is what you’re starting with. You can add trendier pieces to your core, you can add accessories to your core, but the core is what you kind of have all year round and what you travel with.”

For Vanessa, that means starting with a pair of Y2K-inspired cargo pants. “It’s such a Y2K moment,” Vanessa explains, showing off a pair of voluminous white cargo pants. “Go to Depop, Etsy, or Ebay. Those go for a real steep penny.” Of course, you don’t have to buy real vintage cargo pants to create a Y2K-inspired capsule. There are plenty of brand new cargo pants like the Knoxx High Waist Cargo Straight Leg Jeans, that are totally on trend also available for sale.

Next, Vanessa likes to pair her cargo pants with a boxy black leather jacket, like the Ivy Faux Leather Blazer from Steve Madden. “[A] little tip is if you want to look chic getting on an airplane, throw on one of these over a white t-shirt and a pair of cargo pants or jeans,” Vanessa advises, showing off the leather jacket, which features an array of stylish pockets. “Trust me, it’s a game changer.”

Of course, Vanessa’s capsule wardrobe isn’t for everyone! Choosing your own capsule wardrobe is all about discovering and embracing your own unique sense of style. When Melanie asks Vanessa how to get started, Vanessa advises asking yourself a few simple questions. “What pieces have you worn more than once?” and “What pieces make you feel really good?”

And don’t forget, creating a capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your less frequently worn clothing and accessories. “When you have the core that is always rotating in your closet, you can mix in the fun pieces,” Vanessa says. “So you can pull more maximalist things into the mix when you want a more trendy or trend-driven look.”

Ultimately, creating a capsule wardrobe is all about being creative and having a good time. When Melanie asks Vanessa for her number one piece of advice for anyone considering a capsule wardrobe, Vanessa responds, “Have fun with it!”

“I think for me it’s always been fun and it should be fun for you as well,” Vanessa concludes. “Maybe just start with building blocks, whether it be your favorite pair of jeans or a t-shirt, or whether it be a jacket. These are all elemental to looking uniquely you in whatever way you want to express that.”

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