These ASMR-style Korean ‘home cafe’ videos will relax your body and mind

Korean “home cafe” (or hashtag “홈카페” in Korean) videos might become your new favorite watch. Bettina Makalintal of Vice described the short clips, where Korean foodies make elaborate beverages, as ASMR adjacent. 

Instead of listening to squishy sounds or women whispering, viewers enjoy watching the preparation of beautifully prepared drinks. Home Cafe fans also get to chill out to the auditory pleasure of clinking glasses, dripping liquids and fizzing bubbles. Perhaps one of the most popular of these creators goes by @y.na__ on Instagram and y.na__homecafe on YouTube.

In one video, the foodie drops a skull-shaped ice cube, with a flower frozen inside, into a skull-shaped glass. Then they pour a red liquid, a clear liquid and then the red one again to create a gradient effect. Finally, it’s topped with a few more flower petals. The clip’s caption reads simply “rose lemonade.”

A different video has y.na__ stack different colored ice cubes inside of a glass. They then layer different colored liquids to make a “rainbow lemonade.” 

To create a custard cream latte in another clip, the creator removes what appears to be an ear of corn from a rustling wrapper (some commenters speculate it’s ice cream or ice). Then they use a pair of tongs that clink against the glass when the corn is placed inside. Next, a yellow syrup is poured in, followed by milk, a brown liquid and then finally, a yellow cream that drips off the side of the glass.

The popular video was watched over 245,000 times.

“This is AMAZING,” one user wrote.

“I love your videos they make me calm EVERY TIME,” one person commented.

“I love your videos. Especially the music choice. So great,” another added

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