These beekeeping sisters make skincare sourced from their own beehive

Lily, Chloe and Sophie Warren founded Sweet Bee Sisters in 2009. The trio’s family had started beekeeping as a hobby and they didn’t really know the ins and outs of the process until they started extracting honey themselves.

“In order to get all of the honey out of the beehive, you also have to take the wax,” Lily told In The Know. 

The sisters started experimenting with creating lip balms out of the beeswax simply because they didn’t want to waste it.

“Once we had this leftover beeswax, we didn’t want to throw it away because bees work seven times harder to make the wax than they do to make the honey,” Chloe told In The Know. 

They never imagined selling the products, but the Warren sisters were no stranger to starting small business projects.

“We always loved making money as kids. Whether it was a lemonade stand or facepainting our neighbors or whatever it was. So when the opportunity presented itself for us to make all-natural skincare products from beeswax that we were getting from our own beehives. It made all the sense in the world for us to sell those products,” Lily said.

At first, the sisters found marketplaces that were just for kids where they could sell their products in person. But over time Sweet Bee Sisters shifted from a hobby to a thriving business.

Today the line includes natural pet products, men’s grooming products, sugar scrubs, deodorant sprays and lotion bars. 

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