These cooking spray tricks make baking a breeze

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If you love keeping your kitchen tidy while cooking, there’s one surprising product you absolutely need to have on hand! While cooking spray is most often used to keep baking sheets and pans greased while cooking, it’s also a handy tool for keeping all manner of cooking utensils clean. Here are 4 surprising cooking spray hacks that will keep your kitchen clean and make cooking a breeze!

Cooking Spray Hack 1: Spray Your Spatula Before Mixing Ingredients

The next time you’re making a rice cereal treat, or any other sticky dessert, try this cooking spray hack out! After adding your ingredients to a bowl, spray a bit of cooking spray onto a spatula. Then, stir up the ingredients. When you remove the spatula from the bowl, all those sticky ingredients should slide right off, instead of sticking to the side of the spatula. This hack also works when it’s time to add your ingredients to a baking dish. Pour in the ingredients, then spray the spatula again, before using it to pat down the mixture. 

Cooking Spray Hack 2: Spray Measuring Cups and Spoons

If you’ve ever tried to measure a sticky substance like honey or syrup, you know how frustrating it can be. To keep honey from sticking to the sides of measuring cups and spoons, simply spray them down with a bit of cooking spray before measuring. When it’s time to pour the honey out of the cup or spoon, it should slide right out!

Cooking Spray Hack 3: Spray Plastic Storage Containers

To keep sauces from sticking to the sides of plastic storage containers, simply spray the container with a bit of cooking spray. Once the sides of the plastic container are well-coated, you can ladle in your pasta sauce, soup, or any other liquid-based dish without worrying about making a mess. 

Cooking Spray Hack 4: Spray Knives for Easy Chopping

When cutting sticky ingredients like dried fruit, it can be helpful to spray your knife down first. Grab a sharp kitchen knife, coat both sides in cooking spray, and start chopping! The knife should cut through dried fruits like dates or apricots easily, without anything sticking to the sides.

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