These dumpy tree frogs love to eat, sleep and dress up

Jacques, Tubby, Nanners, Meep and Leek are just a bunch of dumpy tree frogs living in Toledo, Ohio. And don’t feel bad about calling them “dumpy”: That’s literally what their species is nicknamed.

The five frogs all belong to Meagan Fry and Jon Milliken. Together, they run dumpythicc, a frog-friendly Instagram account with 36,000 followers and counting.

The first two frogs to join Meagan and Jon’s family were Tubby and Jacques. After seeing an ad on Craigslist in February 2019 for the adorable amphibians, they couldn’t resist taking them in.

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tubby is a creepy camper man

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“Jon had frogs when he was a kid, and we both grew up in Northwest Ohio, where there are always plenty of toads and frogs around! We never would have thought we’d be frog owners before we saw that Craigslist ad!” Meagan told People.

By August, Meagan and Jon had adopted their third frog, Nanners. Eventually, they added two more frogs into the mix: Meep and Leek.

According to Meagan, every frog has a very different personality. While Tubby “loves to cuddle up with his mom in our heated blanket,” Jacques “sleeps most of the time and loves food more than anything.” Nanners, meanwhile, “literally bounces off the walls” with energy.

Meagan and Jon got the name for the frogs’ Instagram account by playing around with the phrase “dumb thicc,” which people use to refer to someone who’s curvy in all the right places.

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spring has sprung 🌼

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“The name ‘dumpythicc’ was sort of a play on words that stemmed from people using the phrases ‘dummy thicc’ or ‘dumb thicc’ to refer to people being curvy,” Meagan said. “They’re chubby, dumpy tree frogs, so we figured ‘dumpythicc’ would be a funny name for the Instagram.”

Through the dumpythicc Instagram account, Meagan and Jon share photos of their frogs in hilarious, homemade costumes.

“They’ve come to associate picture time with food, which is the key to their hearts,” Meagan said.

Suffice it to say that people are obsessed with the “the boys.”

“I love these squishy babies,” one person commented.

“I’m literally so sad and these frogs make my day,” another user wrote.

Stay thicc, froggy boys.

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