These friends sue each other just to appear on court TV

A comedian and his friends are going viral on TikTok after going to great lengths to appear on countless court shows.

Recently, comedian Ben Palmer — who goes by palmertrolls on TikTokuploaded a video explaining how he and his friends used to “sue each other so [they] could get on court TV shows.”

In the past, Palmer says that he has appeared as both a witness and a defendant on “Judge Alex” and as a plaintiff on “Judge Joe Brown.”


My friends and I used to sue each other to get on court TV. #fyp #foryoupage #foryourpage

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For the “Judge Alex” case in which Palmer appeared as a defendant, one of his friends alleged that he was hired to promote his event — Battle of the Beards — and failed to do so.

At one point, Judge Alex insults Palmer’s intelligence, saying to him, “You know how procreation works, right? You know that there’s a million sperm that go swimming toward that one egg competing to see which one can fertilize that egg? I am amazed that yours won.”

On TikTok, where Palmer’s video has more than 1.7 million likes, people can’t get enough of the “legendary” and “genius” bit.

“This is the most genius thing you’ve done yet,” one user said.

“Thank you for your service,” another person joked.

“The long con,” a third user added.

In the comments, Palmer noted that though he’s tried to get on other court shows like “Judge Judy,” he was turned down.

“I tried a few times,” he said about trying to get on “Judge Judy.” “Almost had a case approved but she shut it down.”

Palmer also noted that when he tried to get on “The People’s Court,” they saw right through his lies.

“Some shows are more strict than others,” he explained. “‘[The] People’s Court’ producer chewed me out once lol.”

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