These futuristic, fireproof dome houses can last 500 years

The earth-friendly future of homes actually looks pretty cool.

Geoship is a line of geodesic domes that offer an alternative to single-family housing and community living. The domes are made with water-activated ceramic cement, a non-toxic and recyclable material. 

Geoships are resistant to insects, salt, mold, rust, floods and fire and its cooling system reflects 80 percent of heat from the sun. Meanwhile, its heating comes from insulation created from the same ceramic material filled with air. Thus, no external energy system is required to heat and cool the domes.

The surprisingly durable structures can last over 500 years. They can also be disassembled and rebuilt if moving is necessary. The domes might be the perfect antidote to the effects of climate change and increasing housing prices. Geoship partnered with the Buckminster Fuller Institute and Zappos to build a small dome village in Las Vegas. The homes will be offered as free housing to the city’s homeless population. 

“The product is rated for a long, long time and needs very minimalistic maintenance, whereas the problem with RVs, trailers or tiny homes — it’s a lot to maintain,” says Tyler Williams, Zappos director of brand experience, told Fast Company.

The domes will go to market at prices ranging from $45,000 to $230,000 depending on size. While the Geoship domes won’t be in production for at least two years, there are other affordable tiny home options available now. You can even purchase tiny homes from Amazon for less $8,000

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