These head-turning hot pink seats make this car’s interior pop

On this episode of Glow Up Garage, host and auto enthusiast Anatalia Villaranda (@anataliav) gives her car a flash makeover by adding hot pink seats in place of the old driver and passenger seats. This DIY car project is the perfect way to spice up your interior without having to take a trip to the shop, and it’s sure to spark up some conversations whenever you give someone a ride. If you’re ready to add some comfy excitement to your car, follow Villaranda as she takes you through this simple project! 

For this car upgrade, you’ll need a driver’s seat, a passenger’s seat, a ratchet, and an impact ratchet. 

The first step is to remove the existing seats. Villaranda explains that there are 4 bolts that hold down the seat—two in the front, and two in the back. Recline the driver’s seat forwards to get a better view of the back bolts, then use the ratchet to loosen the bolts. Once the bolts are loose, grab your impact ratchet and remove the bolts. Once both back bolts are removed, recline the chair in the opposite direction, and remove the front bolts. Once all the bolts are removed, the chair should pop right off! 

Next, it’s time to install your new chair! Make sure your bracket lines up with your new chair, then place it in position. Grab the same bolts that were holding down the old seat, and use your hands to tighten the bolts into the new chair. After hand-tightening the bolts, use the impact ratchet to secure the chair into place. If you’re not able to reach any of the bolts with the impact ratchet, use the regular ratchet instead. 

Once the driver’s seat is installed, do the same thing with the passenger’s seat, and the project is complete! 

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