These identical triplet brothers are TikTok’s favorite fitness gurus

TikTok’s favorite fitness triplets want to help you live your best and healthiest life.

The 23-year-old brothers, Malik, Ahmad and Khalil Jones are University of Pennsylvania graduates and founders of Triyo Fitness, where they teach online classes. Meanwhile, each bro’s side hustle is working at a different Philadelphia gym. Malik teaches at Unite Fitness, Ahmad at Barry’s and Khalil at Rumble. But on TikTok they’re in perfect sync. 

The trio’s most popular videos play on their triplet charm. Like the one where they sport matching grey blazers and dance to perfectly choreographed bachata. Or the time they delightfully failed at completing the “freeze-frame challenge” and racked up 1.6 million views in the process.

But of course, the fitness buffs’ page would not be complete without a few workouts. The Jones brothers are happy to demo a quick shirtless ab circuit or how to use resistance bands to get strong glutes

The triplets told Philly Mag they began training others at the gym as early as high school.

“When we were in high school, our senior year, we decided to make an ab workout video,” Ahmad told Philly Mag. “We posted this video on Youtube and Facebook, and within three days we had 1,500 views on our video. Then, the three of us were training together in our high school gym. Other students, especially freshmen, would come up to us and ask if they could lift weights or work out with us. We slowly became the fitness guys in our high school.”

After graduating from university where they each had different majors, the brothers rekindled their love of fitness. They founded Triyo Fitness, became social media sensations and the rest is history. 

“They say the whole is as good as the sum of its parts,” Khalil told Philly Mag. “We’re all great individually, but together we’re more.”

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