These married couples will have you seeing double

Brittany and Briana both felt something was missing in their previous relationships. The identical twins grew up very close, but whenever one of them started dating someone, it seemed off.

Boyfriends we’ve had in the past were almost jealous of our twin relationship,” Brittany told In The Know. “Yes, something is missing. Where’s the other one of you for the other one of me?”

Twinsburg, Ohio hosts an annual Twins Days Festival, which is the largest gathering of twins in the world. One year, Brittany and Briana decided to bite the bullet and attend. It was while they were there, sitting in the bleachers, that Brittany grabbed Briana’s wrist and drew her attention to a pair of twins nearby.

Jeremy and Josh are also identical twins and also happened to be at the festival that year.

“We had seen them at a distance a few times,” Jeremy said. “On the way home, we told each other [that] we knew we were going to marry them.”

Jeremy and Josh proposed to Briana and Brittany respectively at the same time. The girls said “yes” together and have matching engagement rings.

Now the two couples share a house and pretty much do everything together.

“We’ve always been together, they’ve always been together,” Jeremy explained. “It was a no-brainer.”

“Some people think that seems very odd,” Brittany said. “But we don’t.”

“For the most part, all four of us can tell each other apart,” Briana said. “There are moments, you know, from the side, from the back — we look alike, as do Josh and Jeremy.”

The future for the two couples is that Brittany and Briana get pregnant together. Both couples plan to collectively raise all of the children as their own.

“You know, I just couldn’t imagine it any other way,” Josh said.

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