These pint-sized drummers have some serious skills

These talented drummers have skills well beyond their years!

The Lil’ Rascalz Drumline, who are part of the Atlanta Drum Academy (ADA), took over the internet with their impressive routine. One popular clip, which has more than 8 million views, features the Lil’ Rascalz snare section warming up and nailing some freestyle solos. 

The ADA has established a strong presence on TikTok, with more than 240,000 followers who tune in on the regular to groove with the gifted drummers. 


Awesome Little Snare Drummers .

♬ original sound – atldrumacademy

“These kids are going places,” one commenter wrote. 

“They’re better than our school band,” wrote another.

Given the school’s reputation, the positive response from viewers is far from surprising. 

The Atlanta Drum Academy, founded in 2011, has some serious clout in the drumline community. They’ve been featured on national television, played in NBA arenas and have even jammed with Steve Harvey

These performances are fun to watch, but behind the scenes, the students go through a competitive tryout process to make it onto the competition squad. And while the younger kids steal the show, the Atlanta Drum Academy teaches drummers of all ages. 

“Our youngest student is 4, and our oldest is 17,” the ADA told In the Know. “We have an adult drumline as well.” 

The ADA, however, is much more than a music school. The school also prepares their students for life outside of practice by teaching them essential life skills.

“The impact it has on kids’ lives is monumental,” the Atlanta Drum Academy told In the Know. “The kids learn discipline, teamwork, dedication and music reading.” 

The school also helps provide a blueprint for students to use drumming as a way to shape their future. 

“[The school] is important because this is 50-plus kids that are not on the street, and college recruiters are waiting on them to graduate so they can offer them scholarships,” the ADA told In the Know

With the Atlanta Drum Academy leading the way, the future of ATL’s storied music scene is in good hands! To learn more about the Atlanta Drum Academy, check out their website.

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