These souped-up tail lights are not your average car accessory

On this episode of Glow Up Garage, host and auto enthusiast Anatalia Villaranda (@anataliav) shows us how to install custom dancing LED tail lights. This DIY car upgrade will give your vehicle a one-of-a-kind look and will surely turn heads. Plus, the LED lights come with a variety of settings, so you can switch ‘em up to suit your mood. Ready to give your car an epic glow up? Follow Anatalia’s step-by-step instructions!

For this DIY car upgrade, you’ll need custom infinity LED tail lights and a ratchet and socket. As always, disconnect your battery before you start this project—safety first!

With the battery disconnected, you can begin. First, head over to the trunk where the tail lights are located, and loosen the bolts. But before you pull the tail light out, you need to remove the wiring from the chassis harness, “which is basically unplugging the tail lights from the wiring to the car,” explains Anatalia. Then, you can pull the tail light out from the car.

With the tail light removed, it’s time to install the new custom LED tail light. Anatalia feeds the wire through and pops it right onto the car. Once the new tail light is in place, you need to secure it with the nuts you removed—and make sure that when you place them back on the bolts that they’re super tight and secure so that the new tail lights don’t come off, or that you don’t get any water coming in.

With one new tail light installed, the next step is to repeat everything with the other tail light! Once both tail lights are in place and secured, you can connect the wiring and get the party started!

With everything all connected, Anatalia celebrates her glam tail light glow up with a little solo dance party. “Don’t be intimidated and don’t be afraid to try this,” says Anatalia. “It may seem a little technical. It really is just plug and play so go out there, have fun, get creative, and be safe.”

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