These Starbucks customers took the ‘invisible car’ prank to a new level

A group of Starbucks customers is going viral after being caught in the middle of an outlandish drive-thru prank.

The stunt was shared on TikTok by an employee named Alissa. Her video, which has more than 1.6 million views, shows a clip from her store’s drive-thru camera.

Alissa and a coworker are watching the footage in real-time, as they react to a group of four customers at the order window. However, the group looks a lot different than usual.

The young customers aren’t sitting in a car, but each of them is seated as if they are. One man, in the front, is even pretending to drive the “invisible” vehicle.

“You know this is the kind of s*** that make our job worth it lmao,” Alissa captioned her video.


You know this is the kind of shit that make our job worth it lmao ##starbucks ##CheckMeOutChallenge ##rags2riches ##SNOOZZZAPALOOZA ##fyp ##foryoupage

♬ original sound – alissaxo6

The “invisible car” prank is nothing new, but Alissa was clearly impressed by the group’s commitment. Her co-worker even points out that the customers weren’t even putting off the drive-thru’s sensors — meaning they were posing without knowing if they could actually order.

TikTok users also praised the stunt, calling it hilarious and oddly elaborate.

“Can we find these people I want to be their friends,” one user wrote.

“Why they bending their knees too tho?” another asked.

Others said the group should be rewarded for its outlandish prank.

“If I saw this while working I would be on the floor dying and honestly just give them a discount or a free drink,” one user wrote.

“Are y’all gonna serve them?” another asked.

Some commenters, meanwhile, couldn’t get past the fact that yes, Starbucks has a camera in its drive-thru.

“it always surprises me when people who have never worked food service don’t know that most drive-thrus have cameras,” one user wrote.

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