These students didn’t proofread their papers before submitting them — and the mistakes they left are hilarious

Remember that one time you were assigned a paper and had writer’s block? Like your fellow classmates, you probably stared at your screen for several hours before typing a bunch of random nonsense out of frustration.

Well, some Twitter users learned the hard way they probably should have double-checked their work before submitting their assignments. Recently, the good folks at Bored Panda compiled a number of memorable tweets from students who have definitely regretted turning in papers they forgot to proofread. We’ve gone through all 32 tweets and highlighted the five best ones for you.

Take, for example, this high school student who wrote about George Orwell’s novel “1984” and wrote this memorable introductory line.

Credit: sophiaswimgirl / Twitter

Or, consider this student who forgot her professor’s name and decided to give him a nickname instead.

Credit: zoeyoxley / Twitter

One student accidentally turned her paper into a to-do list. At the top of her list? Picking up weed.

Credit: alexupelu / Twitter

Another student decided to share her thoughts on higher education in the title of her essay.

Credit: kenziewadsworth / Twitter

Our favorite, however, is this submission from a student who had trouble getting his creative juices flowing and came up with this essay title.

Credit: birdscreeches / Twitter

Moral of the story? Always review your paper before you submit it, lest you want to receive a failing grade.

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