These teenagers somehow made McDonald’s drive-thru dangerous

The highway patrol was certainly not loving this teenager’s reckless McDonald’s drive-thru prank.

On June 6, the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command in New South Wales, Australia, captured footage of a teenager pulling into a McDonald’s drive-thru with some, er, dangerously placed passengers.

“The driver was permitting two teenage males to ride on the bonnet and roof of the motor vehicle,” the NSW Police Force explained in a Facebook post.

About 4:55am this morning (Saturday, 6 June 2020) a 17 year old male from Stanhope Gardens, the holder of a New South…

Posted by Traffic and Highway Patrol Command – NSW Police Force on Friday, June 5, 2020

As you can imagine, driving like this is illegal, and it resulted in some hefty fines for the driver. According to the NSW Police Force, the driver was charged with eight penalty notices that total $1,070 in fines and eight demerit points on his license.

In the comments, many people condemned the teenage driver for such reckless behavior.

“I hope they learn their lesson,” one person said.

“Fellas, if you even for one second think it’s a bad idea, it is,” another user added.

“Good!! I can’t believe no one was injured,” a third person commented.

However, other people came to the defense of the teenagers, saying that they were just having some fun.

“Seriously [you’re] gonna chase these guys up and fine them for this?? It’s called fun,” one person argued.

“Thanks for getting these dangerous criminals off the streets! Countless lives saved by our brave police officers,” another user joked.

“Oh come on who are thy harming just having a bit of fun ay,” a third person wrote.

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