These two ‘Love Is Blind’ contestants have actually known each other for over a decade

Forget “The Bachelor” — nowadays, all anyone can talk or think about is “Love Is Blind.” The Netflix dating show challenges societal norms by forcing a bunch of extremely attractive people to couple up based on a few sightless conversations — and though the first season is over, people are still clamoring for details about the contestants’ lives.

Well, during an Instagram Q&A, contestant Jessica Batten — who paired up with Mark Cuevas but eventually left him at the altar — revealed a shocking bit of information that nobody saw coming. Evidently, she and fellow contestant Kelly Chase — who also didn’t end up with her fiancé Kenny Barnes — have been friends for a decade, even though they hardly interacted on the show.

“I’ve known Kel for 10 years,” Batten said in response to a fan’s question about their relationship. Apparently they are so close that they even have nicknames for each other!

Given how little these two interacted on the show, fans were naturally surprised to learn of this friendship. “This gives me a headache,” one Twitter user wrote. Another user simply noted that they were “speechless.”

In a Q&A of her own, Chase confirmed that the two have been friends for a long time. “Jessica and I actually met probably like 10 or 11 years ago from an ex-boyfriend’s same social circle,” she explained, according to Bustle.

If you look through each girl’s Instagram, there is some evidence of a friendship. As far back as Oct. 2014, Chase posted a picture at a wedding featuring both ladies. Jess and Kel: the reality TV friendship we never knew we needed.

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