These two siblings live a ‘trash-free’ lifestyle

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Samuel and Lydia keep all of their trash in their apartment.

It’s not as strange as it sounds though — especially considering that the two siblings have accumulated less than 20 pounds of waste in the past four years.

That’s a shockingly low figure considering that, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American produces 4.51 pounds of trash per day.

It’s all part of the pair’s “zero waste” lifestyle, in which they strive to produce no excess trash in their daily lives. The idea began when they were both researching abroad.

“We were in China, actually, researching air pollution together,” Lydia told In The Know. “And we started to kind of think about where this air pollution was coming from and a big part of it is coming from production.” 

From there, Lydia and her brother decided to make a major goal out of avoiding waste. The pair describe the lifestyle as a “fun challenge,” one they often even compete in — weighing each others’ accumulated trash to see who’s producing less.

As for the trash in their apartment? That’s meant to serve as a reminder of their environmental impact, and of the ways they can strive to cut back even more.

“It is helpful to have a concrete thing in your house that you have to live with,” Samuel told In The Know. “That represents where you messed up.”

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