What is the ‘they gave it to me’ TikTok trend?

TikTokers are sharing some of their most unusual purchases in the “they gave it to me” trend. 

A conversation between a wife and husband about the cost of some new equipment has people in stitches on TikTok. In the popular sound, the husband insisted that a pricey tool had been given to him but his wife didn’t believe him one bit. People are using the funny sound to discuss some of their more ridiculous possessions. 

Where does the “they gave it to me” sound on TikTok come from? 

The viral sound is from an exchange between TikToker @lulaherreraaa and her husband. Her husband came home giddy about a giant woodworking tool he just got. 

It looked like industrial equipment so she wanted to know how much it cost him. But her husband insisted that “they gave it” to him. She wasn’t quite convinced. 

“OK. How much was it?” she asked

“They gave it to me!” the husband insisted

“So you’re not going to tell me how much was it?” she said.

“They gave it to me,” he replied.

“I don’t believe you,” the wife scoffed. “How [are] they going to give you something like that?” 

But the husband stood his ground and said once again that “they gave it to me” after suggesting it only cost around $30. 

TikTokers are using the sound to show off some of their favorite items

“$900 in the hole,” @adrian_mountainman_sr said of his fancy metal detector

TikToker @superheroesultimate showed off their Transformers Optimus Prime action figure that’s a collector’s item

Meanwhile @wendylopez977 used the sound to flaunt some very elaborate cocktails

The user @tohono_adam gave people a look at his completely ridiculous Star Wars cookbook featuring “Wookie Cookies.” 

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