Woman reveals things she would never do as a mortician: ‘Just no’

If you’ve always feared your mortality, then there may be no better advice than that of a mortician. 

Lauren Eliza is a mortician and stay-at-home mom with over 489,000 TikTok followers. Eliza posts about what it’s like working at a funeral home and handling the deceased. Needless to say, Eliza knows a lot about death. Not only that, she knows a lot about how people die and end up in her care. 

Spending years as a mortician has shaped some of her life choices. Eliza shared the things she’ll never do after being “scarred” by her profession. 

“Things I will never do because I’m a mortician,” Eliza said. “Yes, I’m a little scared.” 

Eliza claimed that in her line of work, she’s “picked up” people who have done a slew of things resulting in tragic deaths. So now she’ll never ride a motorcycle, saying, “please look twice for motorcycles” to prevent collisions.

Motorhomes or “big tin cans on wheels” were another nope for her, hang gliding — to which she said “just no” — skydiving and snow machines were other “death traps” Eliza chose to stay away from. 

The haunting video received over 7.5 million views on TikTok

“Didn’t know I could be actually more anxious about life,” someone commented

“My dad was on the kidney transplant list, and his doctor said the wait time depended on how many people went snowmobiling that year,” a user said

“My dad is a funeral director, and as a kid, I was never allowed to get on a trampoline,” another shared

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