10 things your preschool teacher/daycare worker hates that you do, according to a childcare worker

A childcare professional shared a list of their pet peeves on Reddit, and other daycare workers are in total agreement.

Shared to the Subreddit r/ParentingFails, the post begins with the statement, “This is in no order… and yes, [you’re] being [judged]…”

The poster goes on to list their grievances:

  1. “If I’m potty training your child and I’ve [asked] you to send your child in underwear, this does not mean for you to keep putting [your] child in [Pull-Ups] and sending me a bag of underwear. [First,] it tells me you’re not potty training at home. [Second,] I DON’T have time to undress your child, put [your] child in underwear, then redress them.”
  2. “Stop putting clean [clothes] on children and not changing [your child’s] diapers. We know that full, nasty 5-pound diaper was [from] the night before. It’s nasty, lazy and we are required by law to report you.”
  3. “Stop sending your child in eating candy, doughnuts [or] fast food, unless you plan on [buying] all [the] kids in class some. Because now I have to be the bad guy and take it away.”
  4. “It’s not my job to protect [your] child’s clothing. We paint, we get dirty. Stop putting expensive clothing on [your] kids. Side note: learn [your] kid’s size. I’m getting so tired of trying to put size-two shoes on size-four feet.”
  5. “BRUSH [YOUR] KID’S TEETH. OMG, I cannot count the amount of kids [whose breath] who could strip paint in the morning.”
  6. “Don’t get mad at me because you didn’t pay [your] tuition and I can’t let your child attend. I love [your] child, I do. But this service is not free. And I don’t own the place.”
  7. “Keep [your] child’s cubby stocked with diapers, wipes and extra clothes. Nothing [is] more annoying than having to search the center for extra clothes to fit your child when I begged you for months for clothes.”
  8. “Pick your children up on time. I have a family too and I’ve worked all day as well. And pay, without argument, the late fee.”
  9. “Do not send your child to preschool wearing pajamas, costumes and dress-up clothing — clothing that is not weather-appropriate. You have now just [caused your] child to miss outdoor [playtime]. Also, flip-flop[s] are not shoes.”
  10. “Do not blame [your] child’s teacher for your child’s bad behavior. We don’t like telling you [that] your child had a bad day. We are telling you to get on the same page. Work together for a solution. Tip: most poorly behaved children will be kicked out of three daycares before kindergarten, and it’s very difficult for your child.”

Other childcare workers were in total agreement

“I worked in preschool childcare over 25 years ago, this list has not changed,” one Redditor wrote, a frowny face in tow.

“I’ve been out of the business about 14 years now, loved it for the longest time, but would never go back, so my utmost respect goes to those that do it,” another Redditor shared.

One Redditor added an 11th entry to the original poster’s list: “11: Do not over dramatize drop-off goodbyes. Prolonging it makes your child cry. Why? So you as a parent feel missed and appreciated? That’s not your child’s job. You want to feel good so you make your child feel bad? The best thing for your child is to pick them up on a regular schedule — so don’t be late!”

While we might never hear the parents’ sides of the story in response to this thread, it’s easy to see that being a childcare worker is no simple task. Hopefully, parents everywhere can learn a tip or two from these professionals’ perspectives.

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