Think your family is weird? Meet Billy Gotti and his mom

“People say that I’m not normal — what is normal?” Jo’Lee Shine asked In The Know. “I think normal people are crazy.”

Shine is the mother to Billy Gotti, a sweet goat with 176,000 Instagram followers and statement sunglasses. Shine adopted Billy when he was two days old and takes him everywhere.

“Billy doesn’t know he’s a goat,” Shine explained. “We go everywhere together. Anything that someone would do with their own child is what I do with my son, Billy.”

Billy shares a bed with Shine and her fiancé Dae Dae, who said that if Billy doesn’t get to snuggle up with them at night, he cries.

Everyone in Shine’s life has accepted Billy as part of the family. He wears special outfits for holidays, gets gifts on Christmas and dines with his family at restaurants — he’s a bit of a local celebrity in Shine’s North Carolina town.

“One of our favorite places to go to is Woodlawn Haven Assisted Living,” Shine said. “I began to take Billy down there and Billy began to bring so much joy to them.”

In terms of having her own biological children someday, Shine wants to wait a bit. “Billy’s a little jealous, so I don’t know if I could see that,” she said. “Maybe when he gets a little older, I wouldn’t want him to headbutt his brother or sister.”

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