This 4-question personality quiz reveals what you don’t know about yourself

Chances are you’ve taken a personality quiz before and gotten some enlightening results, but it probably took quite a bit of time and required you to probe your innermost psyche.

If you’re interested in quick and easy results with minimal self-reflection, this TikTok trend is for you.

A quiz that’s currently going viral on the app utilizes four simple questions to help curious people “understand” their personalities.

A user named Jamie Laing shared the four questions in a video, then explained what your answer to each question means about you.


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You’ll get your most honest answers if you think carefully about the questions before interpreting what it means, so we recommend going through them slowly below or pausing the video after each question.

Here are the questions:

  1. What is your favorite animal in the world?
  2. What is your second-favorite animal in the world?
  3. When you think of the ocean, what do you think of?
  4. When you think of darkness, what do you think of?

And here’s what your answers mean:

  1. This is how you perceive yourself.
  2. This is how you perceive your partner.
  3. That’s how you perceive love.
  4. That’s how you perceive death.

Other users have been sharing their answers and their reactions to their meanings in their own videos.

Jmwoodz13 shared a TikTok of her utter shock after finding out what their answers meant — particularly the first question, to which their answer was “trash panda,” or raccoon.

Annavee14 showed off her deeply confused reaction after she found out that she apparently perceives love as a “giant squid.”

Commenters were amazed with their quiz results.

“For the ocean question i said “beautiful but scary” then he said that’s how you perceive love and i’m shook,” one user wrote.

“Ok so love is cold and death is comforting. Very nice,” another said.

“I don’t think I even have a favourite animal. Why am I so unnecessarily complex,” a third joked.

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