This 96-square-foot home’s plain walls convert into all the necessary amenities

Italian architect and engineer Leonardo Di Chiara designed aVOID, a 96-square-foot minimalist house. Upon first glance, it looks more like an unassuming closet than any place suitable for living. But somehow, it contains all of the amenities — it’s entirely modular and expandable.

Like a giant Swiss army knife, the empty white walls convert into a dining table with chairs, sofa, kitchenette, sink and bathroom. The home even has roof deck access. 

“It’s a tiny house and it’s on wheels, so you can move it wherever you want — you can live wherever you want,” Di Chiara told ABC News.  

The home is a trailer than can be attached to most vehicles. Di Chiara made aVOID as an affordable housing solution to the expensive rents plaguing large cities. 

Di Chiara was able to create the prototype in 2017 with the help of 120 people who used materials donated by Italian and German companies. Besides its construction, a huge part of the project is actually living in the house. Di Chiara admitted that there were challenges that he only became aware of by actually residing in the house. For example, he noticed the air got too stuffy, so he partnered with a ventilation company to modify the airflow system. 

The architect aims to lower the manufacturing cost of aVOID so that anyone who wants it can afford one. The end goal is to have migratory neighborhoods where residents come and go, which are not legal in Berlin, where the project was developed. In the meantime, he is touring various cities with the mobile home and documenting the journey on Instagram.

“We want to create solutions for living in an innovative way that allow people to be very active in the process of living, including designing, building and living in the house,” Di Chiara told NBC

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