This adorable baby is the newest expert on candles

The candle world had better watch out because the newest candle critic is on the job and adorable. 

Bri Kramer (@brikramer) dedicates her TikTok page to videos of her daughter, Sunday. Recently, she began filming Sunday smelling different candles and giving her brief but staunch opinion on them.

Sunday’s reviews are viral, with several of them reaching over 500,000 views. She’s smelled some of the most popular candles from Anthropologie, Bath & Body Works and even a Tom Ford candle. 

Despite being an infant, Sunday’s simple “Yes” or “No” reactions are clear and easy to make out. She doesn’t always like a scent, and she won’t be afraid to tell you so. 


Sunday smells Tom Ford Oud Wood 🫡

♬ original sound – Bri Kramer

This review of Tom Ford’s Oud Wood candle is the second of the candle-smelling series that has garnered over 11 million views. The second such video featured several candles.

Viewers have seen the way Sunday decides between candles and have heaped on all the praise possible. 

“She has the best pronunciation omg,” replied @bingbonbwaowa to one of the videos. That comment received over 24,000 likes. 

“This child has it more together than 97% of the population,” said @meowolves, which got over 12,000 likes. 


Sunday did not hold back today and I am just here to report the news. 😅

♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim

“I will contribute to her college fund if she can just review this dude I have a first date with,” TikTok user @allsmithnowesson said under a different video. 

It’s safe to say that Sunday has earned the internet’s trust and that brands should be on the lookout for her next review. 

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