This advanced sommelier reviews energy drinks on TikTok and it’s not as ridiculous as it sounds

Tim, aka @bigsommenergy on TikTok, is an advanced sommelier and a self-professed “energy drink guzzler.”

He’s proving that his profession isn’t as stuffy as some may have thought. Sommeliers are wine stewards that typically work at fine dining establishments to regale patrons with their knowledge.

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On TikTok, Tim is using his sophisticated palate to review energy drinks, and people are obsessed. They even send in their requests, because apparently there is an entire world of energy drinks ranging from the mainstream to the obscure.

Part of Tim’s appeal is that he’s not doing this to mock the drinks or the people who drink them. He actually takes each beverage seriously and informs his audience, no matter how ridiculous the premise may seem.

In one of his most popular videos, he reviewed the lingonberry flavor of G Fuel, which has 300 milligrams of caffeine per 16-ounce can. 

“Lingonberry is a tart red berry growing throughout Northern Europe,” Tim explained. “If you’re from the Americas like me, you might know them best from the Ikea food court.”

He poured the G Fuel into a wine glass and swirled it around. Then he placed the glass up to his nose and breathed in.

“On the nose, this smells strongly of lingonberries. There’s lingonberry jam, a little red currant jam, some cranberry sauce, red plums, red daisies and orange peel. Honestly, it smells great,” he said

He took a big gulp of the beverage to describe the G Fuel’s flavor profile.

“On the palate, this is medium-bodied, nearly high acidity and is very refreshing with lots of very fine carbonation,” he noted. “It’s a very original flavor. It tastes great, it’s different. I like it and I’m going to give it 90 BSE points.”

TikTok users loved Tim’s earnest review of the energy drink.

“These videos make my day, OMG,” one person commented.

“Thank you so much for doing this drink,” another wrote.

“I went out and got this one based on your review,” a third user added.

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