This affordable home elevator is a new alternative to stairlifts

Most homeowners probably never imagine needing to install an elevator, but when household members would benefit from not using the stairs, the necessary renovations and price tag can be a barrier.

Wessex Lifts has reimagined the home elevator to make it more accessible for people with mobility issues or those who simply want the upgrade. The real game-changer is that while most elevators require a shaft, Wessex’s home lifts do not.

Rather than creating an elevator shaft, the Wessex lift is installed on a track that runs through the ceiling. Unlike a stairlift, it doesn’t require a wall to function and is completely freestanding. Its enclosed car design means it can carry multiple passengers, including wheelchair users, and even has a seat option inside. 

The elevator is made with independence in mind. Its internal controls are designed to be as user-friendly as possible, while alternative control methods are available for those who still struggle. The lift is also compact, unobtrusive and is fully installed within a day or two. 

Wessex Lifts has been designing serviceable equipment for people with disabilities since 1976. The British company designed its VE Lift to work specifically with American homes in mind. Created to be a viable alternative to traditional stairlifts, the VE costs roughly the same price. 

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