This alarm clock gives you one serious wake up call

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Let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to wake up early. Whether you’re a morning person or not, prying yourself from your comfy covers is probably one of the biggest struggles you’ll have to make all day. But thankfully, there is something that can make things a bit easier — and more adventurous.

While it may be possible to sleep through most alarms, you might not be able to with the Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels. That’s because this bedside alarm clock runs away from you in order to get you out of bed. No, really. You place it on your nightstand, the alarm goes off, you reach for it, and it rolls away … and away and away and away.

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According to the product description, the Clocky Alarm Clock will roll, run away, hide and even jump off a nightstand to get you out of bed. It also keeps you guessing by changing directions on its own when you try to come after it.

And heavy sleepers, beware. According to the product description, it’s “super loud” and sounds like the “Star Wars” droid character R2-D2. It even lights up in the dark to make it twice as difficult to ignore.

Now, if you’re a person who normally takes advantage of the snooze button and sets five alarms, you don’t have that option here. Instead, this alarm clock gives you one snooze and it lasts for eight minutes. At the same time, you can also turn off the snooze feature if you’re feeling really inspired to overcome your morning grog.

Sure, it might look like a kid’s toy, but for anyone who likes to sleep through their alarm, this might be the inspiration you need in the morning.

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