This anytime toaster pastry snack is quick and easy: ‘It’s so good’

One food-friendly TikToker shared an easy hack for making delicious peanut butter and chocolate toaster pastries!

Mon Mack (@monmackfood) is a home chef who shares cooking videos on TikTok. The creative TikToker has shared recipes for everything from breakfast pizza to iced coffee crème brûlée.


Reply to @maddyb05 if I didn’t have one of these for an after school snack I wasn’t happy 🙂 follow for more food 💘 #foodhacks #foodhacksathome

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While many of Mon’s recipes require complex ingredients and advanced cooking techniques, she also understands that a recipe doesn’t have to be complicated to be delicious. In one recent video, Mon shared a recipe for a homemade toaster pastry that is shockingly simple to make. 

To make her toaster pastry, Mon starts with a slice of white bread. She places a spoonful of peanut butter in the center of the bread, then adds a dollop of half-melted chocolate chips. Next, she places a second slice of bread on top of the first, lightly pressing the two pieces of bread together. 

The result is a peanut butter chocolate sandwich that already looks good enough to eat. To transform it into a toaster pastry, Mon uses a mug to cut out the center of the sandwich. When she twists the mug into the bread, it also seals the edges of the bread together so that no chocolate or peanut butter can leak out. 

Finally, Mon toasts the pastry until it’s golden brown. The final toaster pastry is slightly crispy on the outside and full of delicious melted chocolate and peanut butter on the inside. 

“If I didn’t have one of these for an after school snack, I wasn’t happy,” Mon writes in a caption on the video. 

‘It’s so good’

TikTok viewers loved Mon’s easy toaster pastry hack

“Oh my gosh, I tried this. It’s so good,” wrote one viewer. 

“It looks amazing! I’m doing this for breakfast tomorrow,” another TikToker responded. 

Other TikTokers suggested add-ons and alterations. 

“Deep fry it,” one viewer suggested.

“Could you try it with a marshmallow and chocolate?” another viewer asked. 

However, several frustrated TikTokers pointed out that the pastry sometimes leaks into the toaster. 

“It just explodes when I put it in the toaster,” one TikToker complained. 

Another concerned viewer wrote, “What happens if the bread opens in the toaster? I’m scared in case all the chocolate spills into the toaster.”

If the mug doesn’t fully seal the edges of your toaster pastry, try pressing the edges with a fork or placing it in a toaster bag. That way, you’ll avoid a sticky situation and be able to enjoy your delicious toaster pastry without having to clean your toaster afterwards!

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