This artist carves out the illusion of fancy stone walls with just a chisel

If you ever wanted to know how those stone walls are made, just follow Alex Zeyrek on TikTok.

Zeyrek shares tidbits from his experience creating drawing stones onto blank walls. While he doesn’t go into the process thoroughly, the clips he shares are oddly mesmerizing and revealing enough.

Many TikTok users were stunned to discover all those fancy building exteriors they’ve seen aren’t actually made of piles of stones. Rather, it’s workers like Zeyrek who create that illusion.

In one video, Zeyrek uses a tool to chisel a wall coated in lime plaster. He meticulously carves out organic stone-like shapes. When he’s done the lime plaster facade looks like stones cemented together.

Zeyrek’s video received over 1.3 million views. TikTok users were impressed and only a little disheartened at the truth. 

“Downright magical and super well done,” one person wrote in the comments,” one user wrote.

“A real job and above all a lot of patience! Sincere congratulations on these achievements,” another said.

“This guy destroyed my childhood he should have let me believe in the stones climbing on top of each other,” one person added.

The use of lime in masonry dates back centuries. In fact, the earliest documented use dates back to Egypt in 4000 B.C. when it was used to construct the pyramids. The simple yet effective material consists of sand, water and lime. Its flexibility can add texture or character to any exterior. 

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