This artist uses science to create stunning ‘gravity paintings’

Paola Gracey is dubbed “The Art Chemist” for a reason.

The artist’s unique abstract paintings incorporate her academic science background. Gracey received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Florida International University and fell in love with the art scene in Miami. The combination of the two is what led her to adopt a very distinct style in her pieces.

Gracey uses acrylics, resins, gels and additives to create shimmering, vibrant paintings.

Gracey uses gravity as a force in her artistic process. In the video, she holds a canvas completely coated in teal glitter at a tilt. Gracey then slowly guides the multicolored sludge of paints in purples, oranges and greens to drip down the canvas from top to bottom. The effect produces uniquely bold, one-of-a-kind pop art. It’s no surprise that Gracey treats every project like a science experiment. 

“I keep a detailed sketchbook just as I would in the laboratory with a purpose for each painting, materials used and observations, so that I can refer back to and use towards future paintings,” Gracey told VoyageMIA, a local art magazine in Miami.

A part of that scientific process is trial and error. She uses different techniques like pouring, dripping, typing and mixing before settling on just the right one. Then she tracks variables that were altered throughout the process.

Gracey accidentally discovered her talent. In the beginning, art was just a hobby. As a chemistry major, Gracey took painting classes to ease the stress of the workload. 

“One day, in the studio on my pallet, I was mixing the acrylics; I stepped out of the studio for lunch and when I came back the next day found the most beautiful swirl of dried acrylic paint,”  Gracey told VoyageMIA.“Till this day, I remind myself to never stop practicing and continue to evolve the technique. Since that day, my paintings have morphed into something unique, which I think has caught the eye of the art community.”

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