This automated lift stores a flatscreen TV right underneath your bed

This has to be the most luxurious way to Netflix and chill!

Royal Palm Properties showcases luxury real estate in Boca Raton on social media — and the account may have broken TikTok with a clip of an Under Bed TV Lift.

The video racked up 85.2 million views.

With more people at home than ever due to the pandemic, this is undoubtedly a cozy way to upgrade the pad.

How the Under Bed Lift (UBL) works is there’s a mechanized arm that stores a flat-screen TV under the bed. At the push of a button, the television slides out from the beneath the frame. The UBL then lifts the TV so that it’s mounted right in front of whoever is laying down. The UBL is ideal for space-savers or aesthetes who don’t want electronics clashing with the decor.

Some of the other features include a silent motor, built-in cable management to keep all your wires organized and working smoothly and perhaps, most conveniently, it ships ready-to-go with no assembly required.

The covetable item is a TikTok status symbol — or at least its been added to a few wishlists.

“That’s perfect for cuddling and watching a movie,” one TikTok user wrote.

“If my house doesn’t do this, I don’t want it,” another said.

“I’d literally never put it back down is the issue,” one person wrote.

“OK cool, gonna add this to my ‘if I was rich list,’” another commented.

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