This award-winning chef makes hyperrealistic cakes that can fool the naked eye

Tuba Geçkil is an award-winning chef and team captain of the Turkish Chefs Federation. Geçkil’s signature are hyperrealistic cakes, many of which she showcases on Instagram and YouTube. The chef can skillfully fool the naked eye with some of her best confections. Geçkil will make you wonder if the object in front of you is a cake or an inedible item — even though the answer is almost always a cake. 

Last May, the baker posted a photo of what looks like a red metal toaster with a slice of bread in one of its slots. But Geçkil cuts into it to reveal it’s chocolate cake covered in fondant. 

She pulled off the same illusion with a red Croc shoea pile of peaches and even Johannes Vermeer’s iconic “Girl with a Pearl Earring” painting.

But one of her most popular videos combines Geçkil’s hyperrealism with a bit of camp. 

“Yes. Everything is cake. Now it’s time to clean,” she wrote in the caption

The stunning display features a massive green germ cake. It’s not a replica of a real microscopic virus, but a more cartoonish version with bulging eyes and big blocky teeth. Geçkil saves realism for the other items. There’s an opaque white bottle of handwash that’s so detailed it even has a label and a pink soap bar with suds. It’s all cake with a bit of social commentary during these germophobic times. 

The impressive plater received over 50,000 views on Instagram

“Omg! I love it!” one Instagram user said

“Oh my God! You’re a cake genius,” another added

“You are an amazing artist! All your work is more than perfect! Thank you for sharing your talent and passion with the world,” one person wrote

Which of these sandwiches is a cake? Click here to find out.

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