This bar is getting pretty creative with its socially distanced ‘tables’

A bar in Maryland is turning heads with its new, socially distanced “tables” for customers.

Fish Tales, a waterside restaurant and bar in Ocean City, instantly went viral after debuting the concept on May 16. The reason? What Fish Tales calls “tables” are actually more of an outfit — made out of little more than an inner tube and a set of wheels.

The inner tubes have yet to get more than a trial, as Maryland’s restaurants are not yet allowed to open for dine-in service. However, according to the New York Post, the tables will be available for customers “whenever [Fish Tales is] allowed to serve.”

It seems clear the concept will divide customers when the bar does open, though, as several social media commenters have already begun arguing over whether the idea is “hilarious” or “stupid.”

“Stupidity at its best,” one Instagram commenter wrote on an ABC News post sharing the video.

“If i have to do all that im just staying home,” another agreed.

“Okay that’s extremely funny, but pretty brilliant too,” another more positive commenter wrote.

Strangely, Fish Tales isn’t far the first restaurant to use pool toys as part of its social distancing policy. A few days earlier, a café in Germany went viral after its owners shared a photo of patrons wearing pool noddles on their heads.

That measure, which was allegedly meant to keep customers at a safe distance from one another, was revealed to be a joke.

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