This campy drag makeover is allowing contestant Marshall to embrace their authentic self

Lights, camera, action! On this episode of Dragged, host Thorgy Thor (@thorgythor) transforms contestant Marshall, an actor looking to take on their biggest role yet: their drag persona! “Being an actor, I would love to put on a performance,” says Marshall of what appeals to them about drag. “I love a lot of the girls that are high fashion, but also I just love being bright [and] bold,” they elaborate. Thorgy picks up on Marshall’s drag vibe and remarks, “Campy.”

But for Marshall, drag isn’t just about becoming another person, it’s also about getting more in touch with oneself. “With drag, you’re becoming a different character, but also you’re more authentically yourself,” they explain. 

“I always say you put on your armor, and it brings out your best self,” adds Thorgy. Can the Dragged team transform Marshall into the chicest, campiest version of themself? Let’s see!

In the wardrobe closet, stylist Blue (@sheisblue_) pulls out the perfect garment for Marshall’s high fashion, campy look. The Cruella de Vil-inspired piece is a black and white sequined vest that sparkles, shines, and brings the drama. 

Meanwhile, in the makeup chair with Elle (, Marshall is serving high fashion and high cheekbones. Elle has donned Marshall with a bold red lip and some black and white eyeshadow. “You’re getting a lip, you’re getting fierce blush, and a fierce highlight,” says Elle of her makeup masterpiece on Marshall. 
At the big reveal, Marshall steps out as Miss Gender and has added a black and white wig and fishnet tights to their look. “I got the look that I came for,” gushes Marshall. Of their drag name, Marshall explains, “I am nonbinary [and] gender nonconforming, so I go by really any pronouns. Folks like us, they get misgendered all the time so why not make it into my persona? You talked about drag armor, that’s my armor: Miss Gender.” Marshall’s officially been Dragged!

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