This candy-themed mansion has the only ice cream-shaped pool in the world

Candy lovers. look no further than the Sweet Escape. The whimsical dream vacation home is basically a shrine to confections. 

You’ll have to travel to Minneola, Fla. to stay at this 10-bedroom mansion, with five bathrooms and two-and-a-half kitchens. The estate contains the main house and guest house on five acres of land. Property manager Ginger Howard gave In The Know a tour of this sprawling candy land. 

The peppermint-themed living room comes with numerous gumball machines, enough cozy couches to seat 11, Franklin Mint Monopoly and Clue board games and a Love Tester. Then there’s the carnival suite with a cotton candy machine and real carnival games.

The guest house is home to the bubble gum living room with 60 arcade games and a jukebox. Its “cereal killer” kitchen is a homage to popular supermarket cereals like Cocoa Puffs and Apple Jacks.

But that’s just the inside. Outdoors, the Sweet Escape boasts the only ice-cream-shaped pool in the world. It contains 30,000 gallons of water and is divided into three sections: the cone, the scoop and the cherry on top.

“The cone is where you land off of the sugar rush water slide. The kids can enjoy the kiddie pool which is the entire ice cream section. And of course, your cherry on top is the hot tub,” Howard told In The Know. 

But the fun doesn’t stop there, guests can play a game of life-size chess or the property’s most popular feature: human Candyland. 

“This is a full-size human Candy Land where you are the game pieces,” Howard said. 

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