This car’s shift knob customization is an instant interior glow up

On this episode of Glow Up Garage, host and auto enthusiast Anatalia Villaranda (@anataliav) takes things into high gear with a unique and flashy custom shift knob and emergency brake. This creative DIY car upgrade is a great way to give your car a personality without having to take on a big project. And it’s super simple to pull off! If you’re ready to amp up your interior with a new shift knob and e-brake, follow along with Villaranda’s step-by-step instructions as she breaks it all down. 

For this car upgrade, you’ll need a shift knob, a shift boot and an e-brake boot, which should be slightly longer than the shift boot. Villaranda is going with a pink and checkered color scheme for her project, but feel free to pick whatever you want.

Change your shift knob step by step

The first step is to remove the old shift knob, which is as easy as simply twisting it until it slides off. Next, take the shift boot and slide it right over the old shift boot, making sure that the top of the shift stick is exposed. To secure the new shift boot, simply tuck it in under the area surrounding the car’s gear shift. 

Next, take your new shift knob, and twist it on until it’s secure. Once the new shift knob is nice and tight, place the new e-brake boot over the e-brake, leaving the top of the e-brake exposed. “I want this to be exposed so it’s easier for me to grab,” says Villaranda. “Maybe further down the line I’ll change the stitching to pink so it matches, but this already looks amazing.’ 

With the new boots and shift knob secured and in-place, you’re ready to roll in your new customized cabin! “Anything you want to do, you can do it,” says the DIY expert. “So don’t be afraid! Go out there, get it done, be creative, and have fun.”

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