This college student dressed up as an insect to get out of writing a final paper

A college student is going viral on TikTok after highlighting just how far she was willing to go to avoid writing a final paper.

On July 29, Chandler DeHart, a student at Purdue University, uploaded a video detailing what she did for her final project for her entomology class.

According to the video, Chandler’s professor gave the class two options: write a paper or come to class dressed as an insect.


We had to present our costumes at the front of the lecture hall😂 I really went for it. #fyp #foryou

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Once Chandler heard her options, she said that it was “the easiest decision [she’s] ever had to make.”

As you might’ve already guessed, Chandler made the decision to show up to class dressed as an insect — a giant praying mantis, to be exact.

Credit: TikTok/candidlychan

“I really went for it,” Chandler joked in her caption.

In the comments, people praised Chandler for her “epic” final project.

“The commitment! I hope u got extra points,” one person said.

“I’m dying at how perfect it was,” another user added.

“U went SO much harder than i expected,” a third person wrote. “That’s legend behavior.”

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