This couple works together to empower LGBTQIA+ youth

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Jessica and Kayla Weissbuch are both passionate about volunteering and making a big impact. In fact, the happy couple met while volunteering at an LGBTQIA+ center in California.

“We just really liked each other and we came up with any excuse to work on projects together,” Jessica told In The Know. “We would really be talking for, like, five hours,” Kayla added.

Eventually, Jessica and Kayla got married, and now they work together as a couple to empower and support LGBTQIA+ youth.

To create a safe space for LGBTQIA+ youths, the Weissbuchs founded Brave Trails Camp. “We brought LGBTQ youth and got them out of their environments and just, like, surrounded them [with] mentors,” Kayla explained.

In its first year, the camp had 43 campers. By the summer of 2018, this grew to over 200 campers, with some kids admitting that without camp, they might not be alive.

Though Kayla and Jessica love their campers, they also wanted a child of their own. After waiting over a year and a half, the couple found out they were going to be mothers by adoption — and today, they have a beautiful baby boy.

“We thought we knew what love was with each other but when we saw Ari, love took on a whole different, indescribable meaning that is so unconditional and so beautiful,” Kayla said. “He was just made to be ours,” Jessica added.

Watch the video above for Jessica and Kayla’s full story in this episode of Real Life Love.

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