This crafty mom turned her son’s $6,000 braces into a Christmas ornament

A 22-year-old TikTok user named Austin has become an internet sensation after sharing the story of how his mom turned his old braces into an arts and crafts project.

On Aug. 18, Austin decided to make a TikTok about his mom’s unusual craft after coming across it in storage.

In the video, he explains that he had braces as a kid for about four-and-a-half years. When he finally went to the orthodontist to get them taken off, though, his mom refused to let the doctor throw them away.


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“When we were done, [the doctor] like picked up the tray and starts to walk away and my mom stops her and goes, ‘Uh, no.’ … She goes, ‘Austin, we paid $6,000 for those braces, I’m not letting her throw them away.'”

Later that year, Austin’s mom put the braces to good use: With a little glue and a lot of creativity, she turned the dental accessory into a Christmas ornament.

Credit: TikTok/austin9943

Many people were inspired by Austin’s mom creativity.

“My daughter is getting hers off in a month. So doing this!” one person said.

“I have NEVER seen this before but I am here for it!” another user added. “Definitely doing this with my son if/when he gets braces.”

“I have my old braces from like 10 years ago still in tact I will be making an ornament soon thank you,” a third user commented.

Others just couldn’t believe that his mom had made a Christmas decoration out of the dental device.

“I literally gasped when you showed the ornament,” one person said.

“Legit laughed out loud,” another user added. “Your mom is mom goals.”

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