This crazy ‘cookie milk’ concoction is dividing dessert lovers

An inventive dessert aficionado is dividing TikTok users with his take on milk and cookies.

On July 29, TikTok user Taylor Croyle uploaded a video of her boyfriend Chad preparing a dessert of milk and cookies. However, rather than pouring the milk into an empty glass, her boyfriend filled the glass with Oreos first so that every cookie is fully immersed.

While Chad has a smile on his face as he takes his first bite of his milk and cookies concoction, Taylor clearly isn’t a fan of the “chunky milk.” “I think my bf be a psychopath,” she captioned the video, which already has more than 30,000 likes.

And Taylor doesn’t seem to be the only one who finds this milk-and-cookies combo revolting.

“I just fainted,” one user said.

“No just no,” another person commented.

However, the majority of users think Taylor’s boyfriend is a “genius” for his “life-changing” hack.

“Not a psycho that’s mad good,” one person said.

“Dude yes this is brilliant lol,” another user added.

“That’s freakin genius,” a third person added.

“Y’all crazy,” Taylor wrote in a follow-up comment once she realized that people were siding with her boyfriend “The bottom Oreos are gonna be non EXISTENT AT THE END AND THEN YOU GOT CHUNKY MILK.” (Honestly — she has a point.)

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