This decanter keeps wine fresh for up to two weeks — and it looks pretty on the table

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Wine stored in a bottle can last for decades, but once you open it, you generally only have a few days before it goes bad. That’s because once you expose the wine to oxygen, it causes oxidation. In other words, it starts to lose its flavor, to change color — and eventually, it will go bad.

However, exposing wine to oxygen isn’t wrong, either. In fact, it’s a good thing to do — that’s why people use wine decanters. Pouring wine into a decanter can help to release the wine’s natural aromas and soften any bitter or astringent tannins.

But the oxidation process is quick. According to Wine Folly, every wine is different, so it’s hard to give an exact “drink by” date, but you typically have three to five days to finish a red or bodied white wine, five to seven days to drink a light white or rosé and one to three days to for a sparkling wine.

If you don’t finish the bottle, re-corking your wine and storing it in the fridge is your best bet for preserving it — unless you have an eto Wine Decanter. This decanter can help aerate your wine and make it taste better, then preserve it for up to two whole weeks. Oh yeah, and it’s actually pretty, too. Consider it your new favorite dinner party accessory.

eto Wine Decanter, $216

Credit: Wolf & Badger

According to the eto brand, its patented preservation system creates a seal between the wine and the air to reduce your wine’s exposure to oxygen and slow down the oxidation process. Simply pour your bottle of wine into the decanter and then pour yourself a glass. When you’re ready to call it a night, replace the stopper and push the neck of the decanter down. The patented valve automatically locks once it reaches the wine.

You should store your eto in a cool, dark place (like the fridge), and when you’re ready for your next glass, simply lift up the top slightly and pour.

Credit: Wolf & Badger

There’s no other device quite like the eto wine decanter on the market. However, that’s probably what makes it a bit pricey. You can get it for $216 in copper, gold and silver. Needless to say, it’s for serious wine drinkers and definitely for people who pay $$$ for their wine. Who wants to waste an expensive bottle of wine? No one.

No matter how much your wine costs, if you’ve ever opened a bottle to pour yourself a glass, put it in the fridge and forgotten about it, you’ve likely had a bottle go bad. Save yourself some money in the long run, and enjoy a glass from the same bottle for up to two weeks with the eto.

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