Controversial lawn decoration ignites battle within neighborhood: ‘Why would you do this?’

This woman was so upset about a frog statuette in her neighbor’s lawn that she reported it to her homeowner’s association (HOA) — and the rest is history.

A Reddit user, writing under the username anonymous28538382348, shared details about her campaign against the lawn ornament to the website’s r/AmITheA******* forum.

In the post, which drew hundreds of comments and went viral on Twitter, anonymous28538382348 explains that she goes on walks through the neighborhood with her husband and 6-year-old daughter every day.

“Recently one of our neighbors put up a frog statuette up for display outside their house,” she wrote. “I find it really creepy … my daughter hates it. She is absolutely terrified of it. Now she refuses to go on walks.”

Anonymous28538382348 said she went to the house to ask the owners to move the statuette so it was “no longer on display,” but they declined.

She immediately reached out to a neighbor, who is vice president of the HOA, hoping to “force them to take the statuette down.”

The neighbor said the statuette is a violation of HOA bylaws, so the frog’s owners were forced to take it down and are now being fined.

“My husband says that I took it too far. I see it differently,” anonymous28538382348 concluded. “The statuette is destroying the aesthetics of the neighborhood and is scaring the children.”

Commenters had strong feelings about the neighborhood drama.

“It’s pathetic you’re wasting so much time stressing over this,” one user said.

Some thought she was overreacting.

“If you buy something, like a house, you should be able to do with it what you please and decorate it how you want,” another user wrote. “HOAs are an excuse for people with no lives to nitpick their neighbors and cause drama.”

Many expressed concern over the lesson the Redditor’s was teaching their child.

“Literally walk down a different street if you hate it that much. Or, alternately, take the opportunity to talk with you kid about how different people find different things beautiful, and that a cool thing about humanity!” one user said.

“Way to ensure you raise an entitled child,” another summarized.

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