This drag first-timer gets to live out her sparkly glam fantasy

Hosts Marti Gould Cummings and Jasmine Rice LaBeija turned Madeline into Anita Kane in this episode of Dragged.

Madeline has never done drag before but her reasons for the transformation were personal. Drag culture was a passion she shared with her dear friend Gary who passed away.

Gary passed away four years ago, but drag shows were something that brought them joy together.

“So this is for him,” Madeline said tearing up.

Madeline was loving her makeover even when she had only just begun.

“Either outwardly or inwardly, I think everybody would love this fantasy,” Madeline said. “I would love to just sparkle. You know, have that sparkle that I never had … I just feel like I have authority and power.”

Jasmine and Marti helped Madeline choose her drag name. Madeline picked Anita Kane in reference to her being an older queen.

“Well, let me tell you, you don’t need any support,” Marti assured her. “Because you are holding it down on your own.”

Madeline was open to lots of things, but she didn’t want any clothing from the ’80s. Jasmine and Marti selected a retro fantasy outfit with a long periwinkle wig, dress with floral applique, shimmering heels and lots of iridescent jewelry.

“I feel just glorious. I feel like a beautiful woman,” Madeline said about her new persona.

Marti noted the glamorous outfit was just bringing out what was inside Madeline, AKA Anita Kane, all along.

“This is all outer stuff. It’s what you feel inside that’s important. But drag is now channeling how you feel inside and letting it out,” Jasmine added. “You’re letting it out. Feeling the fantasy!”

Madeline wasn’t shy about gracefully posing for the cameras. She clearly had a blast.

“My best friend and I loved drag queen shows and this is for him. Because he would have loved this and he’s no longer with us,” Madeline revealed to Jasmine and Marti.

“This is for Gary! And I know that Gary is looking down saying how beautiful and stunning you are,” Marti said.

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