This eco-friendly sandwich-packing hack is both brilliant and bonkers

When you go to the beach with a bunch of friends, you probably bring a lot of food. After all, what’s a beach day without chips, beer and sandwiches for lunch?

However, when you pack all of those sandwiches individually, you waste a lot of paper and plastic. Each sandwich needs its own wrapping, and all that material adds up!

Thankfully, one woman has come up with a genius solution to this wasteful method.

On July 19, a Twitter user named Zoe shared how she brings several sandwiches to the beach without using any extra plastic.

Instead of using individual paper or plastic bags, Zoe reuses the plastic bag that the bread came in to store all of the sandwiches on top of each other. Genius!

Many people on Twitter were impressed by Zoe’s innovation.

“This is a great idea,” one person said.

“This is iconic, a real life-hacktivist,” another user added.

“This is very smart,” a third person commented.

Some users also joked that the final product looked like something out of a video game or cartoon.

Others noted that they learned this trick from their parents when they were growing up.

“My mom did this every time we went to the beach,” one person noted.

“Lmaoo my mom does this,” another user said. “She wraps every sandwich in a napkin first tho.”

The next time you’re put on sandwich duty for beach day, make sure to give this hack a try!

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