This English influencer encourages ‘doing things you’re afraid of’ like spontaneously getting a walk-in tattoo: ‘I needed this’

A 21-year-old TikToker is encouraging followers to face their fears.

Ezra Butler (@lemon.squezzy), an English influencer with 1.4 million followers, has an ongoing series entitled “doing things you’re afraid of to show you it’s okay!!” Each video showcases him embarking on a variety of daunting activities, with the idea being that it’s better to challenge your apprehension than let it control you.


doing things you’re afraid of to show you that it’s okay!! walk in tattoo @magic.tattooing #brighton #tattoo

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In the latest installment, Ezra decides to get a tattoo.

“Hi, I’m Ezra and I’m doing things you’re afraid of to show you that it’s okay, and today I’m gonna go get a walk-in tattoo,” he reveals. “I’m thinking blackberries on my arm.”

The next clip shows Ezra entering Magic Tattoo, a tattoo parlor in Brighton, England.

“Hello, hello. Do you have space for a walk-in today?” he asks.

The video cuts to a look at the completed tattoo.

“This is what it looks like! My little blackberries,” says Ezra excitedly.

In the final clip, Ezra walks out with a big smile.

“Just got a tattoo as a walk-in and it’s all okay,” he affirms.

“He is so amazing!! Thank you for being so inspiring!!”

The wholesome nature of Ezra’s video has pulled at other TikTokers’ heartstrings.

“tattoo shops love walk-ins!! TY for showing people that it’s okay!” wrote @josilugositattoo.

“I really needed this. I’ve been so scared to get a tattoo for so long and my goal is to get one as a graduation gift!” said @jaclyn526.

“He is so amazing!! Thank you for being so inspiring!!” commented @richeyallyson.

Ezra’s videos show him doing even more things he’s afraid of — like going to a photo booth by himself, buying himself a gift and asking his general practitioner for testosterone.

Doing activities that scare us might seem impossible, but Ezra shows it can yield worthwhile results. Take it from Ezra: Putting yourself out there isn’t always as scary as it seems.

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