This ‘extreme minimalist’ only owns only one outfit

Welcome to Extreme Minimalists, which shares the stories of individuals who live on less – from a family of four living in a van to a woman who lives with absolutely zero furniture!

Stephen Johnson only owns 11 items — including just one one outfit.

The extreme minimalist lives in a “podshare” a type of co-living community comprised of several people existing in one urban loft, each with their own “pod.”

His lifestyle was influenced by his childhood. As the son of two real estate agents who bought and renovated houses every year, Johnson realized his potential to live with less. Whenever his parents moved, they’d ask him to fit everything into just one box.

“So, it just became part of who I am, constantly thinking about what are the things that I need,” he told In The Know. “Then anything that I don’t need, I can give away.” 

So what are those 11 items? Johnson owns nothing more than his phone, an iPad, two chargers, a passport and the clothing to make up a single outfit.

His co-living space provides all the essentials he doesn’t have. In addition to a bed and several electronics chargers in his “pod,” the community provides a shared kitchen, shower and laundry room. It allows him to exist with barely any attachments, which he says has greatly enhanced his outlook on life.

“This is very freeing for me,” Johnson said. “Every single day is a choose-your-own-adventure. It’s just so much fun, it makes me happier.”

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