This family of 3 lives in a tiny van — and loves every minute of it

Welcome to Extreme Minimalists, which shares the stories of individuals who live on less – from a family of four living in a van to a woman who lives with absolutely zero furniture!

Jake and Gianna make living like a minimalist look easy. The couple, who are also parents to 2-year-old Luna, realized that home owning wasn’t for them and decided to undergo a major change.

“It wasn’t authentic to us,” Jake told In The Know. “Both of us have always kind of lived outside the box and really given into our passions — travel is one of them.”

So, the two decided to take their family on the road, transforming a worker’s van into their dream home over the course of an eight-month renovation.

“We are not hippies down by the river,” explained Gianna of their home on wheels, which includes a beautiful and clean kitchen, a huge pull-out pantry and even shiplap-decorated walls.

“The reaction when we told people we were going to live van-life was definitely mixed,” Jake added. “There were some tears, some laughter, some ‘hoorahs!’ Part of the van-life journey was to see where we wanted to end up.”

But ultimately, the family has embraced the criticism and answered every question their doubters had — including how to shower, prepare food and raise a toddler from inside a car. Now, they’re just happy to be living the kind of minimalist lifestyle they wanted.

“The less we have, the more life we live!” Gianna said.

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