This first-time drag king rocked a makeover inspired by Prince: ‘I feel confident’

Julia tapped into their masculine side to become Roy L Highness, a regal drag king with the catchphrase “bow down!” And cohosts Jasmine Rice LaBeija and Marti Gould Cummings were more than happy to bring out Julia’s inner-royalty in this episode of Dragged.

“I am a huge, huge fan of drag,” Julia said. “And as a non-binary, queer person, I just love expressing my gender in different ways. I’m really excited about the chance to assert my masculinity.”

“Gender is but a social construct and we are about to break it down,” Marti announced.

And there’s no better way to do that than with a drag makeover.

“I’m thinking like Prince, like, very, very royal,” Julia said of their alter-ego Roy L Highness.

While drag queen makeovers tend to be all about false lashes, big lips and bold eye makeup, a drag king’s look is a bit different. Julia got bushier brows, a faux goatee and some seriously chiseled cheekbones.

“I feel like I look like my brother,” Julia said. “I feel amazing. I feel confident. I feel cute. I feel like my jaw could, like, cut a piece of paper. I feel stunning.”

For the outfit, Jasmine and Marti gave Julia the royal treatment. The queens selected a golden crown, a royal military-style jacket and velvet loafers. Julia also rocked a shaggy Prince-like wig and a few spikey bracelets to add a rock and roll edge to the look.

“This is exactly what I pictured. I’ve got the crown going,” Julia said. “I feel super confident and just like rich in my outfit.”

Jasmine asked Julia if they felt masculine as Roy L Highness.

“I feel like royalty,” Julia responded. “I feel like this is a newfound way for me to express my masculinity over my kingdom.”

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